Expected Impact

The key impact

The key impact of SOLUTION is fostering of future careers of its 14 ESRs. This is firstly because the consortium has significant expertise in the academic fields of simulation, characterization and processing and their industrial integration, as well as in industrial production processes. The partners will offer a first-class research and training program in a field where the employment possibilities for qualified researchers are high. Through integration in their host teams the ESRs will gain access to expertise, experimental setups and the latest state of the art. The infrastructure and research environment in which they will work, and the training opportunities available (including specialized/technical training elements tailored to the ESRs’ individual needs) are excellent.

A second strong element is high interdisciplinarity of SOLUTION, which will give the ESRs insight into the complementary disciplines along the development chain from theoretical work to the implementation of modelling, characterization methods and results in industrial development. The benefits of this "ready-made network" for the ESRs are described in section 3.4. Insight into other disciplines, and support from experts with complementary expertise, will increase the depth and scope of the research and training.

A third strong element is the fact that the training will be highly intersectoral. The consortium structure, which includes a particularly strong combination of academia and industry, means that each ESR will collaborate with teams in different sectors. The entrepreneurship training is also highly practical and market-relevant, building up from basic theoretical knowledge to industrial application, with modules on project management in an interdisciplinary context, and market implementation. Particularly the strong involvement of industry will assure the market pull of all the research topics.

Fourthly, the programme will pave the way to concrete employment prospects for its ESRs after the project ends. Their specific skill sets will make them desirable for recruitment by the partners themselves, particularly as all foresee long-term activity in the field of solid lubrication. The unique combined approach of the training program, providing the ESRs with knowledge of simulation, characterization and fabrication, and an in-depth understanding of the interrelationship between these disciplines in the development process, will make them highly employable in both the academic and industrial sector. As the partners collaborate with numerous organizations, the ESRs will have the opportunity to network with prospective employers during the project. The prestige of the consortium in the related fields, combined with the comprehensive dissemination strategy, will ensure the high visibility of the project, allowing the ESRs to showcase their knowledge on an international level.