IREIS – Research Institute in Surface Engineering (IRE)

Private research organisation involved in the field of surface engineering and surface treatment. IREIS investigates and improve surface properties from research up to the development of industrial scale solutions around three key expertises:

  • tribology with over 2500 studies carried out from the early stages of the company;
  • thin films and plasma sources and;
  • ionic liquids for thermochemical treatment.
IREIS has 50 employees including 18 engineer/researcher, and is 100% own by HEF, a worldwide group of 1500 employees – 150 M€ turnover with more than 50 locations over 15 countries. HEF Group provides surface treatment solutions to its customers: either under the form of the delivery of surface treatment services or the development of production equipment (HEF Group builds its own PVD-PECVD machines for its various entities worldwide) or the delivery of components (bearings and bushings).

Role In the Project