Artia Nano Engineering (ARE)

Artia Nano Engineering & Consulting located in Athens, Greece is a leading research and commercialization a company focused on solving problems at the molecular level using nanotechnology. Artia members has a wide experience in electroplating for general metal finishing industries and semiconducting industry with continuous striving to improve process performance, to eliminate environmentally harmful ingredients and to increase the cost efficiency of plating technologies.
Artia provides complete systems for functional and decorative plating including chemistry, equipment and service. Artia research is focused on the development of a new protective hard coatings by electroplating as an alternative to hard chromium. Ni-P matrix composite coatings are proposed as a suitable alternative of hard chrome coatings as they combine the excellent anti-corrosion properties of Ni-P matrix with reinforced mechanical properties such as hardness and wear resistance. Composite coatings with reinforcing – micro and nano sized – particles exhibit excellent functional properties, even compared to the hard chromium deposits.

Role In the Project